New Hampshire DECA State Officer Team 61 is involved in planning activities and preparing for upcoming events. The team for the 2017-2018 school year consists of, from left to right, Sayler Hamilton from Pinkerton Academy,  Will Theodore from Bedford High School, Kimberly Rodier from Hillsboro-Deering High School, Zachary Pickens from Pinkerton Academy, and Melissa Gallagher from Bedford High School.

Sayler Hamilton: Sayler is a leader in the Pinkerton Academy DECA program, and a strong advocate for DECA and all it can do to prepare students.  She is very interested in expanding membership throughout New Hampshire schools, and advocating for DECA's beneficial events. Sayler is a mentor to other DECA members in her chapter at Pinkerton, and is looking forward to helping prepare members throughout the state via her work at the upcoming Fall Leadership Conference in 2017. 

Will Theodore: Will led the NH DECA Voting Delegate team at the Anaheim International DECA Conference last April, and has taken on the mission to develop and expand the social media presence for New Hampshire DECA while he is on the State Officer Team.  He is very outgoing and a driving force in his chapter at Bedford High School. He also finds time to participate as a member of the school wrestling team and work after school.  Will is excited to help prepare and present a workshop with the State Officer Team at the upcoming DECA Power Trip in Philadelphia for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Kimberly Rodier:  Kimberly has been an active member of her Hillsboro-Deering DECA chapter, and has transferred many of the skills learned in chapter activities to the state level. She is very involved in community service projects as well as fund raising and finances for her chapter. One of her goals is to increase support for DECA among legislators and political organizations in New Hampshire.  She is looking forward to a rewarding and exciting year as an officer and working with as many members as possible to help them achieve their goals.

Zachary Pickens: Zachary is a member of Pinkerton Academy DECA, and a firm believer that DECA membership can help students gain confidence, business and social skills, and networking opportunities that can positively impact their future.  He is looking forward to working with members and visiting as many chapters throughout the state of New Hampshire as possible during the 2017-2018 school year. One of his goals is to help students prepare for competitive events on both the state and national level, and assist our DECA members to excel in their DECA competition categories.

Melissa Gallagher:  Melissa is a member of Bedford High School's DECA chapter, and in addition to becoming a State Officer for 2017-2018, received an Outstanding Achievement award at the 2017 ICDC Conference in Anaheim California. Melissa is very involved in the leadeship of her High School Chapter.  Her plans include greater involvement with the New Hampshire DECA Middle School chapters, as well as developing increased communication between chapters throughout the state. She plans to visit as many New Hampshire DECA programs as possible during her term of office. She hopes to create various programs to bring New Hampshire DECA closer together. 

Overall, among the goals for 2017-2018 will be continued outreach to businesses and organizations in the community, in order to find support for DECA as well as find ways for DECA to make a contribution to our community. The team also hopes to increase membership in our state’s DECA organization, and help with the development of a middle school DECA contingent as part of our state organization. New ideas are constantly being developed, and the team welcomes input from DECA members and supporters throughout the state. This is the 61st year that New Hampshire DECA has been in existence, and we are excited to be continually growing and providing educational value to business students in our schools.