What DECA Is:

DECA is non-profit career-tech organization for high school students with a career interest in marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, and management. It is a curriculum based, leadership focused organization which offers students a chance to develop their business, entrepreneurial, and management skills as well as develop social and team building capabilities. There are over 700 DECA members in New Hampshire, in chapters located in 20 different high schools and career-tech centers. Throughout the United States and Canada there are more than 201,000 members, and new chapters are opening in Germany, England, and Mexico. DECA also sponsors a program called Collegiate DECA for college students. With a history going back to 1946, DECA has had a major impact on millions of students throughout the years.

DECA’s Focus:
DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools around the globe, but primarily in the United States. There is also a big emphasis on entrepreneurship and leadership.

DECA In Your Community

DECA members are enthusiastically involved in the economic development and growth of their communities. Both chapter and individual projects continue to encourage this type of contribution. Many businesses favor employing DECA students because of their interest in education, their positive attitude toward careers in business, and their related study of their business world. Chapters carry out community service projects yearly, with events like food bank donations, MDA walk-a-thons, hospital visits, and many more activities. Leaders in business and government have praised the DECA program for its community activities.

DECA encourages free enterprise and economic awareness through individual instruction, marketing projects, exposure to successful business leaders, and practical experience in business. DECA encourages civic responsibility through professional conferences, chapter activities, and support of community projects.

DECA In The School

DECA is not “extra-curricular,” it is “co-curricular”- it is clearly an essential curriculum element in marketing and business courses in New Hampshire. The core curriculum elements of DECA fit with the goals of a state-certified program. DECA provides both core competencies as well as specialist career pathways in its educational platform. DECA chapter activities are always school-centered, contributing to the school’s purpose of preparing well-adjusted, employable citizens. Chapter activities serve the marketing teacher/chapter advisor as a teaching tool by creating interest in all phases of marketing serving as an avenue of expression for individual talent. The chapter is the “showcase” for student achievement and progress. It attracts students to the marketing program who are interested in careers in marketing and brings classroom subject matter alive for students.

Core Values:

  • DECA is a teaching device to enrich, enliven, and expand the marketing and management curriculum.
  • DECA believes in competition and offers awards and recognition to student members and advisors for outstanding accomplishments.
  • DECA maintains a series of chapter, state, and national competitive activities, all designed to stimulate and motivate classroom interest, career encouragement, and career competence. Leadership conferences serve to develop leadership theories, skills, and abilities in all DECA members, and instill an appreciation for teamwork and group cooperation.

DECA For The Student

DECA members have common objectives and interests; each student is working on developing career goals, social skills and professional attitudes. With conference, community service projects, fundraising and business start-up activities, students are able to use classroom knowledge in real-life situations.

DECA activities have a tremendous positive effect upon the attitudes, skills, and career planning of students. Participation in DECA activities develop leadership abilities and teamwork skills, which are invaluable in future success. And as a result of taking part in DECA sponsored competitive marketing events, members have an opportunity for state and international recognition that would not otherwise be possible. Students develop maturity, self-confidence, and knowledge which will help them as consumers and citizens in the complex world they face.

DECA is the only student organization operating through schools to attract young people to careers in marketing, business administration and management, finance, and hospitality careers. And all are tied in with a fundamental understanding and knowledge base of entrepreneurship expertise.